Mutant Jazz #2

Mutant Jazz is a collaboration between promoters Parrjazz and You & I Presentsat Metrocola’s Metro Loft, on Leece Street, Liverpool.

The idea is to bring new artists from the Northwest who are part of the jazz spectrum and present them as key players in our rapidly mutating jazz scene, hosted andherded by the lovely MC Motormouf.

The first MutantJazz event in September sold out and is still being talked about.

The artists included Bonk! with their weaponised and entertaining brand of heavy funk rock, Bop Kaballa building their chilled new jazz into a hypnotic drum and bass crescendo, Sweet Beans delivering their throbbing riot jazz and Ranga and the Easy Tigers, a beautiful collaboration of all types of instrumentation, held together by an electronic framework of modular synths covering a large dinner table.

The closing hop-hop jam took the event into the small hours.

Mutant Jazz#2 is scheduled for Thursday 14th December, again, upstairs at Metrocola’s Metro Loft, Leece Street Liverpool L1 2TR. Bands include: Ranga and the Easy Tigers, Olvine, DEAF HAÜS and Sweet Beans. MC Motormoufwill be in the house and a jam will conclude the evening. The doors are at 8pmand the first artist will start at 8:30. Tickets are on Skiddle, search MutantJazz #2.


Mutant Jazz#3 is scheduled for Friday 23rd February 2024 at Metrocola Loft, and is in collaboration with the Liverpool International Jazz festival 2024.

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